Content / Data analysis

We propose analysis / analysis & solutions based on promotion data and trend data from the mechanism of contents and services. If necessary, we will help you to solve the problem through on-site testing and function development.

Business planning proposal

Business proposals to solve problems, achieve goals, and internal environment organization (organization and human resources education) to realize them. We propose the creation of an external environment (attracting human resources, selecting partner companies, business matching, etc.) through consultation.

Experienced personnel

If you can't find a clue to the solution, leave it to us for a wide range of activities, from organizational construction to operation and rebuilding. We have a large number of human resources with abundant experience in the industry, so it is possible to directly support business as a manager based on your company's intentions.

We are creating new business models such as joint businesses and partnership businesses with each company using these technologies.



"Domino City" is a physics simulation game / domino puzzle game that creates and destroys the entire city.
Enjoy the satisfaction of completing and destroying the entire city with the domino effect!

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Cartoon Duel


Cartoon Duel is, as the name suggests, a quirky tower defense game in which comical and surreal characters like satire are mixed and fought.

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Licence AD Network


LAN services support the creation of games that utilize anime and manga characters and view of the world.
Since the LAN service takes care of negotiations and coordination with the copyright source until development, you can concentrate on game development.

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