Privacy Policy was enacted on September 25, 2020
Knockback Works Co., Ltd.

Knockback Works Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) recognizes that it is an important social mission of the company to carefully protect personal information when customers entrust personal information. Employees, officers and affiliated company employees will respect the laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information, guidelines set by the government, and other norms. In addition, in order for our customers to use our services with peace of mind, we will take all possible measures to handle the personal information of users based on the following policy.

1. Handling of personal information

We will carefully store and handle the management of personal information that we keep based on the following guidelines.

2. Response based on relevant laws

The Company establishes a personal information handling policy based on relevant laws and regulations based on laws and regulations that communication service providers must comply with, such as the Personal Information Protection Law and the Telecommunications Business Law as stated in Japanese law.

3. Notification of information handling guidelines

We handle personal information under the agreement of all of you by disclosing the personal information handling policy and posting guidelines and other changes regarding handling.

4. Changes and updates to this policy

Regarding this privacy policy, the handling policy may be changed or updated due to revision of related laws and regulations, requests from industry groups, changes in our internal policy, etc. When the Company revises the privacy policy, if there is a change in the content of use, etc., the reason for the change and the content will be notified before the enforcement. It will be then assumed that the customer has agreed to it.

5. Information we collect

We collect the following information from various services in order to provide our customers with the best possible service. This information is acquired for the purpose of supporting customers through customer support, distributing it at events, campaigns, and etc., and defending against illegal acts such as hacking.

〇 Information to be acquired normally
The information described below is automatically acquired at the time of registration, when the customer enters it during service, or when using the system.

・ Member identification information (Apple ID, Google address, management ID automatically generated by the game itself, and cooperation information)
・ Advertisement identification information (advertisement identification information such as IDFA)
・ Other registration information (E-mail, IP address, etc.)
・ Game and service usage records (access records and connection dates, customer management information, etc.)
・ Purchase information (payment records)
・ Game version information (use version)
・ Terminal information (model name, OS version, country type, advertisement ID, Store information, and Cookies)

〇 Information to be acquired when providing additional services such as customer services
The information described below will be acquired with the consent of the customer when providing support to the customer or providing additional services.

・ Contents of consultation by customers (regardless of means such as E-mail, bulletin board posting, incoming call, and etc.)
・ Information acquired at the time of inquiry (email address, name, mobile number, and etc.)
・ Information acquired by shipping products (name, address, phone number, email, contact information, identification card, and etc.)
・ Gameplay information (server name, character name, terminal name, OS version, payment date & time, payment account, order number, product name, payment amount, and etc.)

6. How we get information

When we provide our services, we collect various information for the purpose of providing support and additional services. These will be obtained by the method described below.

〇 Information required to receive basic services
Automatically collected when registering for our service and when using the payment function.

〇Information required for providing support and additional services
When a customer requests support, we collect the necessary information upon request from the customer. In addition, we may request the customer to provide the additional information described above and collect it when proceeding with promotions and events or distributing products.

7. Purpose of use of acquired information

We will use the information obtained with the consent of the customer for the following purposes. The collected information will not be disclosed to third parties other than those specified in “9. Provision of personal information” and “10. Information disclosure to outsourced companies and affiliated companies”, and will not be used for purposes other than the following purposes.

〇 Usage of acquired information

・ Used for customer management and operation of member services.
・ Used to support our services and provide additional services.
・ Used for providing paid services, payment, billing, and other administrative procedures.
・ Used as marketing and statistical analysis for new service development and quality improvement of provided services.

8. Information retention and usage period

We do not acquire personally identifiable information about customers. Therefore, please note that the data will not be deleted regardless of the expiration of the member information. All information acquired in marketing activities such as events is deleted after the event.

9. Provision of personal information

We will use your personal information within the scope notified in advance in “7. Purpose of use of acquired information”, though in principle, we may provide data to at third-party organization with the permission of the customer. However, if there is a request from us from non-personally identifiable information or an organization that requires cooperation from social conventions such as the police, we may provide it at our discretion without prior permission to the customer. Please note.

〇Cases provided at the request of a third-party organization

・ When necessary for collecting fees such as service provision ・ When necessary for creating statistical information, academic research or market research (when collaborating with other information). However, we will process it in a form that cannot identify an individual
・ When we receive a request for cooperation from the police, courts, investigative agencies, other judicial agencies, and administrative agencies.

10. Disclosure of information to outsourcers and affiliated companies

We share the personal information we have acquired with the external business support companies and affiliated companies specified below for the purpose of providing higher quality content services and customer services. The handling of personal information by each company is in accordance with this privacy policy.
The outsourced organizations for whose information is provided by the Company are as follows.

〇 Company name (Purpose of use)

1. Knockback Works Co., Ltd.
– To support customers
– For sales promotion such as statistical analysis
– To plan and manage events

2. Third Party Companies
– To support our customers

11. Suspension of membership and destruction of acquired information at request of the customer

We acquire personal information and related information in this service with the consent of the customer, but based on the customer’s intention, we can stop the use of personal information by the following methods.
As a result, the membership service will be terminated and the digital money information and usage data will be affected, so please be careful when applying.

〇 How to suspend use
・ Apply for suspension of membership at the support window

When we receive the application, we will delete your personal information after the storage period specified in “8) Information retention and usage period” have passed.

12. As a method of protecting personal information and measures taken
In order to ensure the safety of personal information entrusted to us by our customers, in addition to the following technical measures, we continually improve the management system and education system.

〇Protection and management of acquired information

・ Information that only the user can know, such as passwords, is restricted so that it cannot be used by a third party by encrypting the data.
・ When providing a file containing personal information,  files and transmitted data are protected by using security functions such as encryption and file locking.
・ In addition to establishing a server monitoring system to prevent information acquired from customers from being leaked due to hacking or attacks by PC viruses, or data damage, regular data backup, virus program updates, and etc. We manage and build an operation system just in case.

〇Management system for handling personal information
In addition to minimizing the number of people who can access personal information, we have a management system that does not leak personal information, such as restrictions on operating locations, identification of operating personnel, and restrictions on access methods. The personnel who handle personal information at our company are limited to the following persons.

(1) Personnel who can manage, view, and edit member information

of our staff, only designated customer support personnel handle the information.
“Personal information is not handled by external vendors.”

(2) Personnel who handle information acquired at marketing events, and etc.
Only marketers designated by the Company handle the information.

When the relevant marketer delivers to the customer at an event and etc., the information is handled after designating, managing, and restricting the person who will carry out the delivery business (including the staff of the consignment and cooperating companies).

(3) Personal information protection manager
The Company has established a management system by a third party to regularly check and instruct whether the person who performs (1) and (2) above manages information appropriately. In addition, if there is no choice but to handle personal information for business purposes, The Company will handle the information under the control of the person in charge of personal information protection and with appropriate management and restrictions.

〇 Management and education of information handlers
The Company has established a dedicated organization for personal information protection for the purpose of raising management awareness of personal information protection. In addition to establishing guidelines for handling personal information as a third-party organization, The Company also carries out regular audits and guidance, including related organizations, based on internal control regulations. In addition, The Company is working to improve and maintain management awareness by regularly implementing educational programs related to information management for personal information handlers and contractors.

13. Consultation and inquiries regarding personal information

As mentioned above, The Company has built a system to protect customer’s personal information and manage and operate it appropriately, but in order to handle complaints about customer’s personal information that does not fall under this, The Company has designated a person in charge of personal information protection as follows.

〇 Contact information for personal information protection manager
E-mail :
Management manager : Knockback Works Co., Ltd.  Takatoshi Akiyama

〇 Supplementary Provision
This privacy policy will be applied from September 25, 2020.