Based on the theory that we have independently developed through analysis of game mechanics, customer data, and trends, we have built a data-driven operation, development, promotion, and consulting system backed by a proven track record

We are a company that makes every effort to create value for our customers through these technologies.

“Our strength is that we can construct theories by systematically breaking down products on the market from multiple perspectives and experiences.
This makes it possible to break down the functions of products that cannot be realized by other companies, create experience value, which is a necessary element of hit
products, create promotional transmission power, and appropriately convey product value.”

Services provided

Consulting on various business fields

■ Business strategy related support
・ Management strategy planning
・ Business strategy planning
・ Promotion strategy planning
・ Business issue investigation and countermeasure planning
・ Promotion issue investigation and countermeasure planning
・ Product issue verification and countermeasure planning

■ Management business support
・ Support for establishment of new branches.
・ Recruitment of innovative human resources.
・ Discovery of organizational issues and proposal of solutions
・Establishment of business rules and division of authority
・ Construction of business management system
・ Support for building customer service centers
While listening to your company’s current business status, we will identify problematic areas and propose solutions.
〇Example procedure regarding analysis of your operations issues
– Listening period (2 weeks)
– Report creation, submission, and presentation (2 weeks)
– Follow-up (2 months / 2 days a week visit)
Actual operating time for total initial consultation is about 3 weeks
〇Operating costs
–Calculated from unit price, operating hours, and business fees

Business supports on various business fields

■ Business support
・ Business establishment
and organization management support
└ mainly participate as a producer, director, adviser

■ Agency services and sales agency
・ Promotion agency
・ License and public relations agency
・ Development Direction agency
・ System development agency
・ System maintenance, management
If it is difficult to handle the above consultation work, or if there are no working personnel, we can undertake part or all of your company’s works.

〇Example of business flow “In case of start-up support”
We will be in charge of the overall operation work as a CO function.
Our staff will be on your site about 2-5 days a week and perform the following tasks:
– Business planning, promotion planning
– External agency coordination, planning work
– Headquarters development, business coordination, promotion
– Arrangements for domestic partner companies and media companies
– Event promotion, and etc.

〇 Operating costs
– Calculated from unit price, operating hours, and business fees

Operation / Development contract

■ Operation contract
・ Operation contract of online content such as PC, mobile, and browser are fully possible

■ Game development
・Game development in the following operating environment can be developable

〇Development environment
・ Android / iOS
・ Unity / Cocos2D / UnrealEngin3-4
・ Java / PHP

■ System development
・ The following development environment can be developable

〇Development environment
General contract operation and development are possible. In addition,
secondary operation and operation agency are also available.